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This Neck Pain Treatment is a Life Saver | Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Greer, SC

Hi, I’m Dr. Chris Ehlich from Ehlich Family Chiropractic in Greer, South Carolina. And thanks for watching today! Today’s topic is going to be on herniated or ruptured disc or degenerative disc disease or degenerative arthritis that occurs in the neck and causes neck pain.

So what I’d kind of tell you exactly what we should see when we’re looking at a healthy neck, we should see a nice curve, as you can see, we’re looking from the side view, and we will see a curve or arc in this neck. And that’s extremely important because an arc is a stronger structure than something that is straight. And your your neck has to hold your head up. And your head can weigh anywhere from you know, eight to 15 pounds and in an average adult size.

Now the neck is the most important part of your spine, there’s no question about that, because all of the signals that come from your brain have got to go down your spinal cord and that goes through your neck, and all the signals coming up from your body have got to go through the spinal cord in your neck as well. But when there’s a subluxation in there left there too long, this neck curve begins to get lost. And as you can see, not only does it put pressure on the cord and stretches it out, and on the nerves as well interfering with the signals that the brain and body are communicating with each other. But it also begins to cause the disk to deteriorate or degenerate. And when it’s left there over a long period of time, it can actually cause a herniated disc, or a ruptured disc. Sometimes it’s called a bulging disc, as well. And when we look at what causes a bulging disc, or what it is, I want to kind of zoom in on this a little bit. You can see from that same side view here, you can see how the disc are nice and wide this is a nerve. And that’s where the hole comes out of. And this is a top view and this is the does actually itself and this part right here is like a fluid filled SAC, almost like like a jelly doughnut that’s got, you know, jelly in the middle of it. And as and this is the spinal cord, and that’s the spinal nerves.

So what happens when you have a subluxation that’s left there for a long period of time, they’re beginning to get tears in the disc. And when that happens, it can bulge out herniated or ruptured, it can begin to hit the spinal cord or the spinal nerves. Now when that occurs, then we can have some definite discomfort or pain or weakness that can occur. Now one of the ways that we address this and help people that have this condition that doesn’t require surgery that doesn’t require injections and doesn’t require Pharmaceuticals is called non surgical decompression therapy. And with non surgical decompression therapy, you’re on this very high tech machine. And what it does is we target the disc to get started to that needs to be addressed. And it begins to pull and create motion which feeds the disk its nutrients and then it will relax and release and get the waste material out. And as a result over time, what happens is there’s there’s the tears and the disk began to heal. And that contains that disc to where there’s no more pressure pinching on the nerve or the cord. So this is a very excellent way to avoid surgery if you do have this condition and there’s very successful we’ve been extremely successful with helping people and preventing people from having to have surgery from this.

So today’s video make sure that you like it, you comment below and that you hit subscribe. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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