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The Cause of Neck Pain Hiding In Plain Sight | Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Greer, SC

Hi, Dr. Chris Ehlich here from Ehlich Family Chiropractic in Greer, South Carolina. And today, our topic is going to be neck pain, what causes neck pain, some things you can do to help prevent neck pain. And we’re also going to be kind of diving into posture, and how it affects your neck pain as well.

So one of the things that causes a lot of people’s neck pain they don’t think about is the position of the head. It’s called forward head posture, and forward head posture. When we look at you, we want to see your ear lined up with your shoulder, but forehead postures when it moves forward, and you can see how that moves forward. And that’s kind of like carrying a 10 pound bowling ball here versus the 10 pound bowling ball out here. And one of the things that we want to see is we want to see that this neck is not under much stress, because that can actually cause some pain and discomfort, new muscles, but when they had is forward, it will actually cause the muscles to work harder. And that can cause some tension or that can actually cause some spasms to occur. Now one of the reasons that we’re seeing a lot of this, and not just elderly people, but even elementary kids age children is cell phones, where we are in this position a lot. Just look at the dinner table, you guys have seen people at the dinner table at restaurants. And I mean people are on the phones like this all throughout the meal.

Also, computers, we do a lot of computers now our head is actually forward and leaning forward like this, as well as video games. Now a lot of kids like to play video games, and they sit in their chairs. And they’re like this plan their video games, or they’re on the portable ones of switches. And they’re like this plane, right? Now, the bad thing about that is is that over time, when these postural positions are allowed to stay there for long periods of time, they will cause a condition called subluxation, which is a condition where the bones of your spine in your neck can actually move out of the normal alignment. So you can see here how this bone actually shifts out of alignment. And that can put pressure on the nerve. Now as we’ve said before, that pressure on that nerve can affect either a function fiber, or a pain fiber of the nerve. Obviously if it affects a pain fiber is going to give you some type of discomfort or pain, it can even cause the muscles to become weak or and spastic. So how do you actually address this? Well, one thing is to pay more attention to your posture, particularly your head posture. Be more aware when you find yourself down here on your phone like this. Raise it up like this. When you catch yourself kind of getting sucked in by the computer and kind of reset and set up more upright. Tell your kids hold your head back, not your shoulders, the head leads everything else follows.

So hopefully this will be helpful for you. And there’s anything we can do for you just let us know. Please click subscribe and hit the alert button and like and we look forward to seeing you on the next video.

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