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What is the Nervous System?

The nervous system is a vast network of nerve cells that transmit impulses throughout the body. By absorbing information through our senses, the nervous system processes information and initiates various reactions. These reactions can include anything from making your muscles move to causing you to feel pain. Even metabolic processes are controlled by the nervous system. And because 31 pairs of spinal nerves live in the vertebrae of the spinal cord, the spine being in poor health can negatively affect the entire body’s health. If you’re suffering from vertebral subluxation, or another compromising aliment that directly affects the nervous system, get in touch with the professionals at Ehlich Family Chiropractic today.

Physiotherapist massaging young woman

Chiropractic Care & the Nervous System

While it might be common knowledge that chiropractic care can positively impact the body, people tend to overlook its benefits on the nervous system. After all, everything we do is determined by our nervous system. Chiropractic care has been proven to have a positive effect on the entire body, which can lead to correcting any nervous system dysfunction. With 31 pairs of spinal nerves living in the vertebrae of the spinal cord, spinal adjustments performed by our professionals can aid the body in unlocking, realigning, and even improving the transmission of information to and from the brain.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Achieve a Better Quality of Life

When the health of your nervous system is suffering, your overall health is also shown to suffer. The fact is, a healthy nervous system is vital to your overall health. When you can achieve a healthy spine and healthy nervous system simultaneously, you will have a much better chance of improving the quality of your life. Chiropractic care, including specific chiropractic adjustments and postural exercises can help restore necessary communication pathways to help your body function more optimally. Additionally, chiropractic adjustments are proven effective for correcting subluxations, which can negatively affect the nervous system and have damaging effects on one’s health. If pain or unwanted health problems are keeping you from enjoying the things you want to do then, schedule an appointment with our team to have your spine checked. You deserve optimal health! You deserve to do the things that bring you joy! Chiropractic may be the answer for you and we’ll be with you every step of the way on your journey to achieve life-long wellness.

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