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Common Cause of Low Back Pain | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Greer, SC

Hi, I’m Dr. Chris Ehlich from Ehlich Family Chiropractic in Greer, South Carolina. My wife and I, Dr. Beth established our practice in March of 1990. And we’ve been able to help 1000s of patients over the years who suffer from lower back pain.

Now, what we did discover though that many of our patients weren’t aware of the cause or the root reason that they are actually having lower back pain. So today I want to talk to you about the three common causes of lower back pain. One would be muscle strain, two would be disc problems or issues, and three would be misalignment or a condition we call subluxation in your spine.

Today, I want to really focus and spend some time on the misalignment or also known as a subluxation in your spine. And subluxation is when your spine instead of being in its proper alignment shifts or moves out of alignment. And that can pinch the nerves and I want to give you a real close up view and show you what happens. So as you can see here, there are two bones and these are in proper alignment. This is the disc and this is the nerve. This here is a hole for that nerve to come out of when the bones are in proper alignment. You can see there’s a lot of room for that nerve to come through. So there’s no pinching or pressure on the nerve. But what happens in a subluxation is these bones begin to shift out of alignment and when that happens, it can pinch the nerve. Now there are two types of fibers on that nerve there are function fibers and there are feeling fibers. If the pressure of the bone is on the function part of the fiber is going to cause some malfunction in the body. If it’s on the feeling part of the fiber, it will cause some pain like lower back pain. Now what’s important to know is that to correct a structural problem is critical to get the pressure off the nerve and alleviate your lower back pain so you can have better quality of life.

If you think this video was beneficial to you, make sure you comment and like us below. And make sure you subscribe to our channel for future videos. And specifically look for the one where we’re going to be talking about how do we correct a subluxation, take the pressure off the nerve to alleviate your back pain. Thanks for watching.

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